Task 1: Loading Machine Learning model on Docker container

β€œ docker pull centos:latest β€œ

β€œ docker run -i -t β€” name=container_name centos:latest β€œ

β€œ yum install python3 β€œ

β€œ pip3 install numpy β€œ

β€œ pip3 install pandas β€œ

β€œ pip3 install scikit-learn β€œ

β€œ yum install vim -yβ€œ

β€œ docker cp Model_file_name Container name:/model_file_name β€œ

That’s All

Thank You so much for giving your Valueable Time.

-Aditya Jain-




Flutter Developer & Full Stack Developer

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Aditya Jain

Aditya Jain

Flutter Developer & Full Stack Developer

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